The wide range of fabrics in Pugi RG’s collection give the possibility to make acoustic performant and long lasting panels, with a great adaptability to various system with modern textures and trendy colors. This permits to create acoustic panels for modern places. Security and acoustic take place also in the law 626/1994 which rules all the security system in the working places. The fabrics passes the major tests against fire in Europe and in the world. There are technical fabrics or fabrics which reproduce natural fibres like wool or mix wool always with  flame retardant properties.The possibility to use different types of stretch fabrics allows to make panels with various shapes using traditional assembling techinque or vacuum-molding. The places where we find the acoustic panels have a high grade of sound balance with a better learning and productivity of people who work in there. Therefore this panels are so useful especially in offices, public places, conference halls, universities, restaurants etc.

We want to underline the article woolfelt, a felt made of wool available in a wide range of colors together with the acustic proof.

To enclose technical sheet and the acustic proof.