A hand to the environment

PUGI R.G. pays always attention for the preservation of the enviroment. The company has reached important goals in this field following the certification strategies,  the internal production and the sub supplier’s control:

Internal production, we always make a sapareted collection even if it is not yet present in our working area  we have an accord with private companies to collect waste materials.

The processing’s manual, which follows the ISO 14001 principles, follows carefully the sub suppliers’ working , looking at the ones who pay more attention to the environment, in this case we would like to underline our relashionship with TREVIRA started in 1979:

In 2007 we reached the Certification OEKO-TEX for the majority of our products, in the 1st class, the maximum rechable for the upholstery fabrics.

The internal working area of the company is ruled to insure the respect between people and the surroundings.


The main raw material used is  TREVIRA CS, always a warranty for the environmental’s production respect with  polyester FR, recyclable at 100%.

GREEN FABRIC, PUGI R.G. was the first to sell the recycled PL FR inherently flame retardant and not  from additional treatements. Look at CONVERT fabrics  all recyclables.

We removed from the recycle all the fibers that release, during the combustion process, toxic and polluted substances.

The Polypropilene is another fiber used and also recyclable, with a high level of energy and water-saving in the industrial process, especially the estrusion dying process doesn’t  waste the dyes in the enviroment .

The using of natural fibers as wool and virgin wools, which comes from the recycle of controlled clothes without forbidden products like ammines etc. , is now more increasing.


Every year by our main sub suppliers are done some audits to verify the achieved standards to respect the environment, having as reference the ISO 14001.A particular attention is paid for the sub suppliers that use some dyes and chemical products ruled by the REACH.

Our major suppliers in dyeing and finishing work use very modern depuration systems and reuse of the waste waters with a considerable energy saving, thank to the big utilization of photovoltaic systems.


The materials for our fabrics’ packagings are 100% recycled and come from the movement of  our raw materials, yarns and fabrics.

It is to underline the use of TREVIRA’s yarns containers, which are returned and reuse for future deliveries.