Scudo SAN

From the natural element silver to the leading hygiene, protection and freshness tecnology.

Scudo-San, antimicrobial protection

Man has counted on silver for centuries, not only as a materialfor jewellery or daily use, but, above all, because of the bacteriostatic effect of the element silver. In the early modern age for example milkwas preserved by using silver coins.

Today, silver is used as an effect bacteriostatic agent in the most diverse fields, such as cosmetisor medicine. Ranging from silver-containing gauze to overllas metallised with silver, wich are used in neurodermatilis treatments today, modern medical technologies are unthinkable without silver .

Scudo-San technology provides hygiens and fresh effects of the element silver by impregnation.

Antibacterial Activity Test Method. AATCC 100:2019

Standard Test Method. ASTM E2149 – 13°

Hygiene and freshness based on the reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride.

The highly effective silver ion technology with triple effect

Effect machanism

1)  Blocking oxygen-trasporting enzymes

2)  Inactivating sulphur-containing proteins of the odor-causing bacteria

3)  Locking the cell membrane.


Fresh textile even if washed at low temperature, thus, reduction of energy comsumption and cost in textile care. Resistant to washing and dry cleaning.

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