Love and passion for our work
Pugi RG was born in the early 1900s as a manufacturer of carpets and furnishing fabrics
Prima Sede Pugi
Produciamo Tessuti dal 1902
Our philosophy

One team, one project, since 1902

The essential principles of our work: passion and quality

Attention to the customer’s needs, product quality, harmony in the workplace and above all innovation are the essential principles of our business.

Magazzino tappeti - Primi del 900
Sede Pugi - Rammendo
Tintoria di Pugi in via dei Gobbi

We take care of our planet.

Our choices affect the environment

Attention to the environment by developing sustainable, recycled and recyclable products, with production processes that comply with the current regulations through the use of raw materials, dyes and other auxiliaries with low environment impact  

Tessuto sostenibile Trevira
Famiglia Convert
Tessuti Jungla di Lana Riciclata
Tessuti sostenibili BIO
Our fabrics

High resistance technical fabrics

The reliability of our fabrics is our strength.

Today our production is aimed at technical fabrics for furnishings with high performances in terms of fire and abrasion resistance, particularly suitable for  contract, office ,transport sector and highly frequented places in general

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Tutti i tessuti

PUGI-RG has obtained the most important sector certifications: Oeko-Tex100, GRS. IMO-MED. We are also partners of Trevira