High quality sustainable regenerated fabrics


Made in Italy in the Prato District
Past, present and future united in a sustainable wool fabric
The Bisenzio river, the engine of the Prato district since 1300

The Bisenzio for Prato is a contemporary wealth that represents the history of the work of an entire valley.

For this reason, already in 1936 we were inspired by him to produce a line of hand-knotted wool carpets called Bisentium®.

Bisentium - La storia dal passato a oggi
From the experience of the past it comes the new fabric Bisentium®

Bisentium is a wool blend made with 20% recycled raw material from post-consumer fabrics and garments from the Prato district

The beautiful multicolored boucle’ texture gives the furnishings a new precious and refined look

Fantasy and versatility
The colors of Prato in the fabric ‘Bisentium®

Produced in several rich and deep colors, Bisentium® offers versatility and elegance in its use.

A great choice for those looking  for a high quality fabric produced with a sustainable approach.