Global active protection

Scudo treatment

Flame Retardant fabric plus water and oil repellency. Until now we only had a flame retardant fabric or a water and oil repellent fabric. Now Pugi.rg has developed the new SCUDO technology Active Global Protection, which allows both characteristics in one fabric.

One fabric with many advantages. Scudo fabrics with Active Global Protection are cost effective and offer many characteristics such as, high performance, safety and comfort.

FLAME RETARDANT for protection against fire

WATER REPELLENCY for protection against water

OIL REPELLENCY for protection against oil and stains

ANTIBACTERIC more protection against bacteria and more hygienic

WASHABLE for easy cleaning

LIGHT RESISTANCE for long durability

The advantage of an antibacterial fabric. Today contemporary fabrics for domestic and contract use are required to have hygienic and safe characteristics. Scudo fabrics with Active Global Protection are treated with silver anti-microbic particles. The anti-microbe action has been known since ancient times, silver active ions fight against bacteria, which stops its multiplication into the fabric. New technology for Flame retardant fabrics.

Trattamento Scudo
Protezione attiva Globale